The down sides of dating apps and how to overcome them

Free online dating sites have allowed dating apps to be widely used around the world. Now, a survey has shown that 2 in every 3 adults in America have used online dating apps around the United States. A relationship survey conducted in Australia discovered that approximately 60% of people use online dating apps and about 25% found a long term partner.

Naturally social

It is human nature to want companion and other human interaction. Sometimes you would just feel everyone is dating and not you. This single thought will disturb you especially when you have tried real life dating and it didn’t favor you. Online dating apps automatically becomes the last resort.

Finding true love in reality can be tough. Not everyone gets to find someone that they love and share things in common with. Instead of relenting or giving up on love, people now depends on an online dating algorithm to help them find love.

The probability of the algorithm working for everyone is not favorable but is something one can try. For everything that there is an advantage, there are also disadvantages—the downsides and snags.

However, in this article, the downside of on dating apps are given, to prepare whatever you face when you try it.

It doesn’t always work

Firstly, the major downside is that it doesn’t always work. The probability of finding a partner for the long term is quite low and statistics is not in our favor. Some online dating apps like Tinder puts together something like a dating pool.

From this dating pool, they match make people with a partner. The algorithm works by match making people with similar profile. What if you meet the individual they match make you with and it just doesn’t work? You might decide to settle but it might hurt you in the long run. More details!

People are scared of being scammed

Another downside is the fear of being scammed. A lot of scam goes on the internet nowadays and dating apps has become a widely used platforms. The truth is we can never be too careful. That is why most times people never get past the chatting phase, because they couldn’t develop trust for the other person at the other end.

Some individuals are sensitive to rejection

There is no telling the joy that people get when their profiles are acknowledged online.  Sensitive individuals might get hurt when no one shows interest by responding to their profile. Some people are overly sensitive to rejection and this might break them.

People fake it a lot on their profile

Most profiles are filled with lies and you only realize this when you meet these people in real life. It is quite daunting, not knowing who is who. People make their profiles as alluring as possible, they put catchy qualities that would impress the next person.

But what happens when there’s a meet up and they are not what they seem? It would be a major shocker and another waste of time.

These listed downsides aren’t given to discourage you. These downsides are listed to prepare you for whatever online dating apps brings. 100% free online dating apps are the most risky to use, since some of them hardly have protective policy. Hence, be careful out there and be on the lookout. Click here for more information: